Monday, November 12, 2012

Pros and Cons of Fashion

Fashion can be connected almost with every part of our life. As it comes to the matter of way we look it sometimes means the same as being accepted by society or just a specific group of people. We are not aware of wearing the same cloths as other people not only to look good for ourselves but more to gain others people love. Is it ok?
Fashion can be a really great way to become part of the particular group of people. When someone looks at our clothes and admire them we are getting more self-confident and - what's most important - we are being noticed and people want to be like us. Especially if the clothes are in elegant and stylish style.
A good impact of fashion on our mood is almost obvious. The joy we feel when looking good and wearing quality and fashionable clothes is huge. It can make us more self-confident and make us feel better in many stressful situations. We can name here wedding, interview or even engagement party. Some standards in appearance that we are part of can make us feel on good place.
So, we named so many advantages of fashion here. But are there any disadvantages? Like most of things in life nothing can be ideal the same is with fashion. The same reasons that make fashion something good in our life make it something that may lead to tearing society apart. When we want to impress people blindly in love with trends or just talk with them, we can have a bit problem here.
"Don't judge the book by its cover" we would want to add here. If the only way of evaluating people is to judge them by their look and trendy cloths the fashion is misunderstanding. But if it is just looking good and fashion is our hobby we should go for it!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Careers in Fashion Merchandising

Looking for careers in fashion merchandising can be hard as you often don't know the skills and personal knowledge that's required so we'll try and clear these up for you. Fashion merchandisers combine the skills of advertising, retail knowledge, marketing and the creativity of a fashion designer. If you want a career in fashion merchandising you must have good self confidence, good judgment and good resourcefulness. Having a good knowledge of the target fashion markets is also very important so experience and a genuine interest in the fashion market is a must. Being a good communicator and self motivation are also important points in looking for.
Searching for careers in fashion merchandising can be quite a hard job as this is a very competitive industry where only the top survive. To your advantage though this is a rapidly growing market which is looking for advertising, marketing, and sales managers. This is because of the global and domestic demand in the fashion markets are growing at a very fast rate.
Qualifying in fashion merchandising means you can go for a career in any of the following roles: Product Developer, Importing / Exporting Agent, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Merchandiser, Retailer, Fashion Event Planner, Store Manager or Fashion Advertising Agent. These can all very highly paid jobs and means you could be working with some of the top brands and names in the world. This can be a very exciting career full of many ups and downs.
If your first looking to study then look for careers in fashion merchandising you have many ways of getting your qualification. A popular way today is a distance learning program which is supported by many universities and colleges. You study and sit exams on line until you need to go and sit your main exams to pass. This can be great for people with job or family responsibilities.
For people just starting their career, many companies offer training programs while smaller firms offer a wide variety of entry-level positions. These positions include buyer's assistant, department manager assistant and marketing assistant. Responsibilities increase with hard work and an interest in the job. For those people who demonstrate the necessary talents, upward mobility is relatively easy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fashion Comebacks - Fashion May Repeat Itself But Not Every Trend Is Timeless

It's true that today in fashion anything goes. After over a century of modern clothing, we are reaching back through the decades to put together our trendiest looks. You can borrow from the 80's, go vintage, and revive the grunge movement in a single, stylish outfit. While there are some trends that become timeless, there are those that come and go on a 20-30 year cycle through the fashion continuum. We decided to examine a few of these trends and categorized them into Great Comebacks, Surprise Comebacks, and Please Don't Comeback.
Great Comebacks are those apparel items that you may have kept in the back of your closet waiting for the day that they can once again move to the front. In some cases, they may be in your mom's or even grandma's closet. Looking around, we are super excited to see the return of:
  • The bell bottom jean - The 70's are clearly back. From men with moustaches to bell bottom pants... well, at least the bell bottoms are a fun shape to wear.
  • The jumpsuit - The one-piece for grown women is sexy and stylish once again. It seems to have promise for some staying power having been revamped with shapes that range from tight full-body cat suits to loose-fitting rompers.
  • Colorful denim - In the early 90's my sisters and I had a collection of jeans of many colors. My favorite pair was red. Denim in any color and cool prints of all kinds are back with a vengeance.
Surprise Comebacks are those trends that make you laugh when you think back upon them and make you cringe when you are shocked to see them revisited. You might have a few Polaroids hidden away from decades past that picture you in a most embarrassing ensemble... but you may have to reconsider:
  • The Peplum skirt - Back in elementary school, I remember wearing my super fancy green dress with floral print ruffle Basque waistline. I loved it then, but am not so sure it's something to revisit.
  • Shoulder pad extremes - To see the front rows of fashion week crowded with shoulder pads suitable for a linebacker was somewhat unexpected. Blouses and blazers ala Milli Vanilli... who woulda thought?
  • The prairie dress - Another shocker. When did Laura Ingals Wilder become trendy again? A bit shapeless, a lot homely, and very Reality Bites.
Please Don't Comeback are dark spots in the otherwise bright and brilliant history of fashion. These trends are more than laughable and even sometimes appalling. Let's hope that we don't see the likes of these in the near future:
  • Pleated jeans - Why did this ever happen?
  • The thong display - The men may miss it, but aren't we ladies happy to see the shift in pantylines? Remember Halle Berry in that little number with the thong "peaking" above the skirt? Ooops!
  • The skort - It's bound to come back. As we've learned, history has a way of repeating itself, but the skort is an abomination. Let's leave that one to infants and toddlers for a while longer.
Tonight, I'm going out with my sisters for a drink at the hottest happy hour spot in the city. We are toasting to fashion history, so I think I'm going to wear my new red jeans circa early 90's.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Colored Contacts As A Fashion Statement

Colored contacts are an ever more frequent sight, and their usage ranges from a simple color change to bold and vibrant patterns. With so many hundreds of designs to choose from, it's not hard to identify just why these lenses are becoming so common, but I am going to write about just one of their many applications, their use as a fashion statement.
Many choose colored contacts with normal or rare eye colors in order to subtly change their look, but for some this just isn't enough. There are also those who wear contacts to imitate characters in films and anime, who may have supernaturally colored eyes, but this is just too unoriginal for those same people. It is easy to understand why. In these times it is becoming the norm to wear loud and provocative clothing. In order to stand out from such a crowd, you need a bit more than just unusual clothing. This is were crazy colored contacts step in.
There are a ridiculous amount of designs out there in so many colors that you'll be amazed. Plus, it's not just those with good eyesight who can enjoy this freedom of choice. There are plenty of prescription lenses available too. With these you can truly differentiate yourself and make a real statement, about who you are and your attitude towards life. They can have just the same effect as dying your hair, or wearing different types of clothing.
Of course it's not just the wild designs that can aid in making such a statement. It may be that you wish for yours to be a subtle and understated statement, or that you just want to state your love f or a film character, as I wrote above. It really doesn't matter. The important thing to realize is that colored contacts are an excellent means to this end.
The definition of a statement is 'A definite or clear expression of something', normally expressed through speech and writing, but in this case it clear to see why you can do the same with just colored contact lenses. You can choose a truly personal design and make it your own, by incorporating it within your look, thereby clearly expressing yourself to the world. You can then face the world securely in the knowledge that no one will question that you know exactly who you are and who you want to be.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion in the 1950's

The 1950's spawned a wide variety of original and distinctive styles, presented with a classic new age twist. For America, recently recovering from catastrophic tragedies related to the second World War, the 1950's brought restored hope; a chance for a new way of life whose destiny would be decided by them alone. This metamorphosis of America was heavily represented by fashion.
Women especially dramatically altered the way they dressed and presented themselves; during the evolution of an increasingly liberated society, women began to favor casual, relaxed clothing over traditional dress rules and associated formality of previous decades. Some of the most admired new trends for women in the 1950's included button-up sweaters with simple necklines, fitted blouses, and full knee-length skirts. However, the most prevalent fashion for women during this time was dresses. Most dresses were worn casually, and were accentuated with circle skirts, halter straps, or small collars. Evening wear dresses seemed soft yet daring, coming in many pastel hues and accompanied with bold ruffles, tulle trim, and dazzling velvet bows. The fitted evening wear of this period, which was usually sleeveless or strapless, was also emphasized with sheer silk.
Growing increasingly popular, the full skirts of the 1950's needed some sort of support in order to maximize their look. To address this problem, Nylon petticoats were created exclusively to be worn in conjunction with full skirts to create fullness. Nylon was a favorable material because of its high quality and easy care wash. This fullness it created transformed the skirt who gave nothing more than a gentle swish, into a glamorous royal-like flutter. Another significant fashion of this period is the swing coat, developed in the last 1940's by Jacques Fath. The silhouette of the swing coat was "designed perfectly to cover full skirts, and also ideal for the post war high pregnancy rate". Another trend in the 1950's was the "trapeze dress: a swinging dress almost triangular in shape and designed to be worn with low shoes and bouffant hairstyles." The trapeze dress was later modified into a shorter baby doll tent style dress, which was popular in the next decade. Perhaps one of the most classic fashion garments from the 1950's was Christian Dior's H-line of 1954, which consisted of a slender tunic-style suit with a slim skirt. His other popular fashions during this period were his A and Y lines. Dior has long been a dominant force in the fashion world, especially in the 1950's. His creative and usually voluminous garments gave women a more feminine touch. Another designer, Hubert Givenchy created a Parisian style dress in 1957 which he called the Sack. The Sack began the trend of straighter-waist dresses. Initially, it developed into the "fitted darted sheath dress and later into the loose straight short shift dress."
Coco Chanel was another major fashion designer in the 1950's. In contrast to popular full and flouncy skirts, Chanel began creating the boxy, now classic Chanel suit jackets and skirts in trimmed and textured tweed. The materials Chanel chose were always richly textured, which contributed to the finished product's high prices. Chanel's silhouette of her suits was completely straight, divinely lined with silk. Her look was classic, refined, and adorned with details. Chanel also accessorized many of her designs with strings of pearls and collarless jackets, both of which were considered fashionable in the 1950's. One of the most classic trends from the 1950's is the empire line, which was introduced in the late 1950's. This style was applied to dresses and shirts mostly, and was adored by teenagers who looked innocently childlike, hence the coined phrase "baby doll style". During the 1950's, all teenagers were expected to dress like their elders. The empire line was also a striking contrast from what most mothers wore at the time, which contributed to its high approval among teenagers in America.
Until the 1950's, the term "teenagers" was not commonly used, and certainly not a targeted market group. But with a new range of influences, including film, television, rock music, and magazines, teenagers began to be respected and acknowledged in the community. Often nicknamed the "Space Age", the 1950's was an important time in history for science and development as well. So many aspects of life changed during this period, perhaps partially attributed to the recent end of World War II. America had emerged from war with prosperity and a new identity. A new consumer-based society was "forging ahead, helped by such new developments as the credit card system" (Baker, 6). These innovative conditions however produced a similar effect on the fashion industry: while so many things in the lives of Americans were changing, they stayed clear from the radical, intense fashions while preferring the normalcy of standard trends. For once, being normal felt good. Another huge change in the 1950's was the increased ownership of television sets. Popular television programs such as I Love Lucy connected Americans on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing a sense of unity in the country. Segregation was ended in 1954, which brought together black and white students for the first time though racial tensions were still high, and also birthed the existence of civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. Constant fears of communism reaching the states held many Americans tight with fear. More changes brought forth in the 1950's include the discovery of DNA, the launching of the first space satellite, an increase of women in the work field, and of course, rock and roll. All of these economic, social, and political changes in the world affected the American citizens, and therefore the fashion industry.
Regardless of the world's issues, the top fashions that drove the industry were more influenced by those who were idolized by the consumers: celebrities. Some of the most popular celebrities in the 1950's include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ricky Nelson, and of course, Elvis Presley. Marilyn Monroe's sexy yet simple style was a widely imitated across America, by women of all shapes and sizes. Elvis Presley was another huge influence in the 1950's; not only was he adored by millions of girls, but he was also an inspiration for men. In a time where men only wore traditional attire, Elvis tore down all barriers which confined men to navy suits and ties. Elvis typically wore clothes that were more popular among the African American population. His wild pegged pants and zoot suits concerned the conservative community of America, who hardly approved of such a "gender bending, race-integrating star" (SOURCE). Elvis' bright and baggy clothes, makeup, and so called obscene dancing all acted as evidence of his single handed destruction of the morals of America's youth. Not all men followed the examples Elvis set however. In fact, more men in this time period dressed conventionally than not.
Most men in the 1950's maintained clothes with casual and modest colors, including dark blue, dark brown, and charcoal. The occasional daring young man would wear pastel pink to stand out; a trend that was just gaining momentum in the 1950's. Cardigan sweaters were popular among athletes, and older men. Additionally popular were fitted vests, plaid flannels, and collared jackets. There was flexibility in men's casual wear, and was a common sight to see shirt tails sticking out. Basic fedora-style hats were also a staple item in the 1950's for men.
Hats were also fashionable accessory for women in the 1950's, for the reason that they were believed to add a final touch of glamour to any woman's outfit. The pillbox hat, first introduced by Balenciaga and later modeled by Jackie Kennedy, became one of the trendiest accessories of the decade. Several glorious hat styles existed in the 1950's. Some hats were covered in flower petals, while others were adorned with swirls of georgette. Gloves were also worn often by women, especially those of elite social status. Some were made of cotton, which was much more affordable than leather or nylon. Though gloves came in many colors and styles, clean gloves whose color was white or cream were the most favored. Fur trimmings and adorned collars were also extremely fashionable. Brooches too, were considered a glamorous accessory.
The 1950's was a decade in which fashion changed dramatically from previous generations. Multiple influences from political debates, to economic issues, to new age celebrities and mass media all influenced the distinct styles and trends which identify the 1950's. Recovering from the casualties of World War II brought a lasting change to America, which was reflected in the fashions of this decade. The American women craved glamorous simplicity in their new lives, and as a new and liberated society evolved, the women of America began to liberate themselves by choosing which fashions they felt depicted them best. Not only were the 1950's important in history, but they also greatly transformed the face of fashion in America.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fashion Tips to Help You Turn Heads

Do you feel like you have to bring back your fashion feeling? Well do you feel like it might cost you excessive cash? If so then you are logging on to wish to have an appearance through this article to figure out exactly how to develop your fashion sense on a spending plan.
You don't need to invest a ton of money to be fashionable. There are many outlet stores that hold comparable styles to famous designer fashions. Some other outlets supply high-fashion brand names at low rates due to the fact that they purchase over run styles. Yet another choice has received a sewer equipment and recreating your preferred designs.
One fashion idea that you will definitely not wish to have to disregard is the truth that your outerwear should be something that you appreciate, as opposed to something that you just need to use. This is essential given that you use it so often, therefore lots of folks are visiting you in it - you might as well make it count.
When acquiring a coat or coat, you must take note of the number of buttons. A coat with three buttons must only have the best most buttons buttoned.
Ask your loved ones exactly how they feel concerning the means you dress. Tell them that you are considering altering the means you dress and that you would definitely like some helpful comments from them. They can easily help you identify a design that helps you given that they understand the most pertaining to how you've dressed your whole life.
Several individuals are under the impression that rich shades need to just be worn in the early spring as well as summer season; this is not real. It is perfectly great to wear better graphics in the winter time; it is just a matter of just how you don them. While rich sweaters are fine, rich pants are not!
One wonderful fashion idea is to consider the sort of treatment that a garment requires prior to acquiring it. This is an excellent idea due to the fact that if you obtain something that is dry tidy only or hand clean only, you may either end up destroying it or never ever using it.
It has come to be trendy for men to don clothes that are very buggy, however this need to be staying clear of. This makes you look careless and also may make you look bigger compared to you actually are. While you do not need to do everything that is too limited, one dimension larger compared to your real size need to be the limitation.
If you are logging on to a formal gathering and aren't quite sure just what to wear, you cannot fail with a basic black dress. No matter exactly what the decade, a basic, little black dress has actually consistently been in style as well as will never go out. Consider this following time you aren't certain what to wear.
You see? It really doesn't cost a lot of cash to build your fashion sense. All it takes is correct planning and drive, as well as you can identify just how to develop your fashion sense on finances for all of the days ahead of you. Ideally of good fortune with your future with fashion.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fashion Yesterday and Today

We are living in a world surrounded by numerous things that are either related to the technology, the latest gadgets or the latest fashion. And Fashion today has made its significance felt in almost all sectors of life. Fashion can be termed into two groups: One group which follows fashion trends and adopts them and the other group who create fashion and style statements for the others to follow them. It can also be extended to another set of people who rarely have anything to do with fashion trends but yet follow their own style to create their own unique personality; adding one more style to the fashion world.
Fashion is not just about cosmetics and make up or the hair-do. It is a sense of creating the charisma of looking good in anything you wear and this magic is created with the right kind of accessories going along with the foot wear and the clothes, making up a pleasant picture to view. Many a times, people who do not afford to buy expensive clothes look their best in their casual wear, just by presenting themselves in that manner of sophistication and creating an aura around them with the confidence of looking good.
There are myriad forms of fashion, and trends keep on changing with the seasons. From the early 60s and 70s to the present millennium, there has been an immense change in the forms, looks and thoughts about fashion trends.
In India, much of fashion has been influenced by the Hindi Film Industry, popularly called Bollywood. The trends that have changed through time can be fairly seen in the movies made during the 60s and 70s and how they have evolved in various forms bringing about a style that can be followed by the general public. People have aped the west from very early times and this was no exception. The clothes made in the 60s and 70s were very much influenced by the western countries and given a traditional touch. The Bell Bottoms, scarves and the hair style was very much prevalent in those days as an icon of style. Later in the 80s and 90s, Fashion world sizzled like never before. There was a craving by the people to look different, stylish and modern and this could be seen in their outlook towards their outfit, new styles of hair, makeup, accessories like purses, earrings, necklaces, matching footwear etc.
People were conscious about each and every new thing that was marketed and they copied the styles from their Bollywood idols. Bollywood started as a platform for theatre artistes and went on to become a commercial entry to the youths and aspirants for a career in the film and fashion industry. This gave the youth of today to emphasize on the fashion world. Art and music have become an inseparable thing of the past and so it is deeply rooted in the present as well with more features and facilities.
Today fashion, art, music, designers, dance etc all have a place in the industry and people can choose to take up anything related to this industry as their profession too. Art and music have long been implemented in the school co-curricular activities and the Higher colleges are now offering various courses for better professionalism in these areas. There are also various acting schools and the small screen i.e., the television has opened up avenues in bringing out the talent in the young minds through numerous platforms of music and dance. This is the innovation of the millennium in creating jobs and work in the fashion industry. The trends that we see are brought about by the fashion houses that have regular seasons to showcase their invention, many of which are popularized in FTV, Zee Trendz and TLC channels. We can also get a glimpse of the stylish outfits through these shows that the models present. Today, Modelling is also one of the platforms for an entry into the world of fashion.
In the yester years, fashion was constrained only to the actors in the film or those that were bold enough to carry themselves in the public that they were considered fashionable. Others just wooed them behind close doors. Slowly when times began changing, we could see the women showing off their styles in the traditional saree with an embroidered blouse and a different neck style. Then we saw the saree being draped in various styles like the Bengali style or the Gujarati style etc. The women were liberating their choice of freedom and it could be seen in their appearances with a high heeled slipper or the handbag she carried or the way she held her saree or the hair and the makeup she wore. All these changes brought about the invention of churidhars and then the salwar kameez and finally the fashion of dresses was out in the open. Women accepted to the fact that there was nothing wrong in looking good and the men of course, loved to see the attractive side of women and fantasized the idea over their spouses.
This change in attitude of the public was very well taken by the fashionistas and a huge market was created to meet the demands of the public. Today fashion creates a new look with distinct style for a particular person and keeps oneself updated with the latest trends seen in the market. This industry is popular for its glamour as well as the mixture of Indian tradition and culture put into the designer wear that the models showcase.
People love to experiment different textures of materials used in the outfits and so the designers give them a wide collection of dresses using all kinds of clothes. There is the traditional Khadi and silk combination that is presently creating waves seen in both men's and women's wear. Then we have the embroidery work in zardosi, swarovski studded tops and lehangas and multi stoned work in bridal collection sarees etc. Then the most sought materials like cotton, polyster, chiffon, crush materials used in varied iconoclastic designs and styles.
Always there is a hope for the designers that the youth want a change in the fashion and are glad to keep up the trend with a fusion of Indian and western mix of fashionable wear. Also the youth of today are very practical in their sense of styling for a particular occasion. Be it a party or for a marriage or the casual look, they want the best and they believe in looking the best. And to achieve this, people go one step ahead in ensuring that they have everything in their wardrobe for any kind of occasion.
Apart from the stylish clothes and fashion that is currently popular people want to try something that goes along with their outlook. So the market started towards the very own friend of a woman- The Hand Bag or the Purse. The Fresh look of a purse with magnificent colours and its stylish features like the chain handle or the jazzy zips with numerous pockets in different shapes attracted the public like never before. And with the increasing demand of the prices of branded purses, it became a must for every woman to complete her shopping. So did the other accessories line up by creating a place for themselves in the market. Just a few to quote, the earring and necklaces, the various Belts, hand bracelets and brooch, the stiletto and its wonderful embroidered, party wear slippers along with its brotherly high rugged shoes giving a perfect cowboy look etc.
Fashion has always been a very interesting topic for all women and now the trend has even challenged the men to compete for a more appealing look for a remarkable future in the world of Fashion to make it a full fledged acceptable thing for all genre of people.
Kiriti C Chavadi

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fashion Tights for Festivals

Weather is always the main issue with festivals - will it rain or not? Tights are the best piece of clothing to take to a festival for so many different reasons. This is because whether it rains or not, tights are both comfortable and stylish. Also, tights being a product that naturally dry quickly, it means that your fashion tights will be ready to wear almost the whole weekend. However, even if it doesn't rain you could still to wear a 10 or 15 denier pair and still not be too hot, comfortable, and able to party all weekend.
Fashion tights can look fantastic under cute summer dresses that are just a bit too cold for the festival or even teamed with the festival favourite of the staple denim shorts.
Another benefit of wearing fashion tights at a festival is that if they rip in the conditions you will be even more on trend. Ripped tights are becoming a key trend for the season being seen on the high street in various retailers. Tights that are ripped can provide both a grunge look but with undertones of glamorousness. However if this is not for you, if they do become damaged because of the conditions, you can easily whip them off and carry on partying. Fashion tights are available to buy at great value prices. With such good prices, it is a great idea to take a few pairs of tights to festivals rather than ruining a few pairs of your favourite tights. Once the festival is finished and it is time to go home, tights are can be easily machine washed and you can then continue to wear them on a day to day basis.
Fashion tights that have mock suspender detailing are the perfect tights for a festival to create an individual look and help create the illusion that the legs are longer than they seem. Fashion tights for festivals offer a great alternative to everyday black opaque tights. Teamed with your favourite wellies and a cute festival dress, they are a key accessory that can be worn over and over again.
This summer, Katy Perry was seen sporty some ripped fashion tights at a festival in America and many other celebrities were seen sporty fashion tights at festival up and down the country including Jessie J at Wireless Festival in July and Gemma Cairney at Hackney weekend in June.
The key to wearing tights is all about confidence, legs of all shapes and sizes can look fantastic in tights. They enhance the natural womanly shape of legs and can bring glamour to the muddy surroundings of whichever festival you may be at. Just because a pair of tights may have a low price tag does not mean they encompass any less luxury than that of the luxury priced tights
Why not try fashion tights at your next festival and see how many compliments you get!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion for Kids: How to Help Kids Explore Their Style in Clothing

Everyone is unique and has their own individuality right from their childhood. Similarly, kids should be given ample freedom on what they want to choose for their clothing. When children grow older, they begin to demonstrate choices for specific colors, motifs, and patterns. This helps them develop their own sense of dressing with an added touch of personal style. Help them make the most of it by following some tips mentioned below:
Boost Confidence in Kids' Selection Abilities
The first and foremost thing to do is to help your kids master the basics. This includes allowing them to choose clothing for themselves the way they want. Furthermore, this will allow you to build a sense of accomplishment in their personalities which will last forever. It definitely is an effective way to boost confidence in them when testing their preferences in terms of selection.
Arrange fancy dress parties for kids and their friends so that they can explore their creativity and choose combinations accordingly. When they receive positive comments from others, they will be motivated to come up with even more improved style next time. So, you can buy children clothes according to what style they prefer.
Talk about Fashion They Can Adapt
As your kids become aware of the role of colors in selecting their wardrobe, you should start pointing out matching colors. Recognize their successes and praise them accordingly. Also, look for the latest trends in kids' fashion and educate your kids with the same.
Becoming aware of fashion in kids clothing will help them feel comfortable in their social circle. Once they can differentiate between what is in and what is not, they can easily come up with their own selection from which you can buy children clothes online.
Establish Boundaries
There will be times when you will be the one to decide what your kids should wear outside your house. Though giving empowerment to your kids to select their dressing themselves is something really good, your decision should be valuable for them as well. So, give them time to decide their outfit. However, make sure you establish some boundaries too. Check whether the clothes they choose from a kids clothing store are weather appropriate or not.
Encourage Them to Get Inspired
There are different sources your kids can take inspiration from. For instance, magazines, websites, and catalogs of any kids clothing store can guide them a lot in terms of deciding what to choose for their wardrobe. Show them some recent styles in clothing fashion and they will get inspired from those they like the most.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Beach Fashion Accessories That Match Your Bikini

Imagine it, you've just bought your new bikini and now you want to accessorize it. So, how do you go about it? What is the latest beach fashion that will show off your new Bikini at its best? Actually you might be surprised at the number of accessory options open to you.
You can carry your sun block in matching handbags or plastic beach bags. Dazzle the other beach goers with matching jewellery and keep the sun at bay looking cool in your matching sunglasses and hats. For a classy, stylish look you can even add a matching sarong to your new bikini. In fact whichever brand of Bikini you choose you can easily glam it up with a whole host of well thought out beach fashion accessory ideas.
Bikini's come in all colours and shades so it shouldn't be too difficult to find beach fashion accessories that match your bikini. Irrespective of your colour choice, taste and style you will find a bikini of your choice. This has made it easy to find an accessory that will go with it.
Picking an accessory can be quite tricky. The trick is to find beach fashion accessories that are contrasting, yet are in the same colour palette or close to the colour of your bikini. These accessories can include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, flip flops, sunglasses, your bag and yes, even your beach towel. However, you don't want to seem like you scoured the entire mall for accessories that matched perfectly! Some contrasting colours and similar shades will give you the laid back and relaxed image that you would want to portray while lazing in the sun.
The accessories should not be in excess, less you mar the beauty of the bikini. They are not to draw away attention from your sexy bikini. Their primary aim is to compliment it. This should be kept in mind while picking the appropriate accessory.
If you are planning to take a dip, ensure your accessories are easy to take off and stash in your bag. You don't want to spend an enormous amount of time to get ready for a swim! Lest you lose the fun you seek on the beach.
When picking bags, ensure you choose one that is big enough to carry your beach towel and sunscreen, but small enough so it does not take away any attention from the main attraction, you in your fabulous new bikini!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Shop for Festival Fashion

Festival fashion originally emerged as clothing that we wear at music festivals and concerts, but it can be easily incorporated into our wardrobe for holidays and travelling. Festival fashion is worn by many celebrities and favored for its comfort, style and uniqueness. There are a few statement pieces in festival fashion which are an absolute must.
Denim shorts: An absolute must and one of the most sought after pieces of clothing. They are perfect for summertime, for travelling, picnics and others.
The Wellington boots: Also known as rain boots, these boots can often be seen on rainy days. They are comfortable, waterproof and super trendy.
The Play suit: Play suits with tribal prints, animal prints and floral patterns remain a big fashion trend. They are perfect for holiday at the seaside and for travelling too.
Hats and Scarves: Fedoras, big sun hats, as well as bandanas and scarves are great accessories for festivals and concerts. When you feel like your attire is ready, but you are just lacking something to finish the look, put on a hat.
Maxi dresses: Another trend which women all over the world love - the maxi dress is definitely here to stay. Accentuating the woman's body's advantages, the maxi dress may be just what you need to feel extra trendy.
The Sun dress: Women's favourite, the sun dress grabs everyone's attention. It speaks volumes of its wearer: feminine, fun and trendy.
Gladiator sandals: Despite that their boom was a few years ago, gladiator sandals are still very popular and the perfect shoes for festival fashion. Revealing the feet, yet adding comfort and style, these sandals can't be beaten by any other.
Festival dressing is no simple art. Here are some ready to go ideas:
A lovely maxi dress, made of a breathable fabric can make any woman look beautiful. Combine with a leather belt is another hit in festival fashion. An unusual cut-out sun dress in a trendy print (paisley patterns) or a festival denim shorts with a leather trim. Another idea is hand mage flower headband instead of hat. Together with vintage denim shorts or skirt and white or printed V-neck top. You'll look simply adorable!
The most important rule of all is to feel cosy and chic. Don't forget, the clothes are important for the festival, but the most important thing is your good mood. So, no matter whatever you consider to wear, enjoy the moments with your friends.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bubble-Up Effects of Subculture Fashion

The notion that trends in fashion take part in a phenomenon known as the trickle down effect has long been recognised by fashion pundits. A process of social emulation of society's upper echelons by the subordinates provides myriad incentives for perpetual and incessant changes in fashion through a sequence of novelty and imitation. Dior's 'New Look' of 1947 consisted of creations that were only affordable to a minority of affluent women of the time. Fashion was governed by haute-couture designers and presented to the masses to aspire toward. However, this traditional prospective has been vigorously challenged by many throughout the fashion world. Revisionist observations have introduced a paradoxical argument that fashion trends have, on numerous occasions, inadvertently emerged from the more obscure spheres of society onto the glamorous catwalks of high-fashion designers.
These styles can originate from a range of unorthodox sources, from leather-jacketed punks and dramatic Goths, the teddy boys of the 1950s, to ethnic minority cultures from all edges of the globe. Styles that emerge from the bottom of the social hierarchy are increasingly bubbling up to become the status of high fashion. There has been significant concern over the implications of this so-called bubble-up effect, such as the ambiguity between the notions of flattering imitation and outright exploitation of subcultures and minority groups. Democratization and globalisation of fashion has contributed to the abrasion of the authenticity and original identity of street-style culture. The inadvertent massification of maverick ideas undermines the 'street value' of the fashions for the very people who originally created them.
The underlying definition of subculture, with regards to anthropology and sociology, is a group of people who differentiates from the larger prevailing culture surrounding them. Members of a subculture have their own shared values and conventions, tending to oppose mainstream culture, for example in fashion and music tastes. Gelder proposed several principal characteristics that subcultures portrayed in general: negative relations to work and class, association with their own territory, living in non-domestic habitats, profligate sense of stylistic exaggeration, and stubborn refusal of massification. Hebdige emphasised that the opposition by subcultures to conform to standard societal values has been slated as a negative trait, where in fact the misunderstood groups are only attempting to find their own identity and meaning. The divergence away from social normalcy has unsurprisingly proliferated new ideas and styles, and this can be distinctly observed through the existence of fashion diversity. Ethnicity, race, class and gender can be physical distinctions of subcultures. Furthermore, qualities which determine a subculture may be aesthetic, linguistic, sexual, political, religious, or a mixture of these factors.
Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays investigated the drivers of social control and the engineering of consent. Their psychological theories provide insight into the causes of deviation, by members of a subculture, from social norms. They highlighted the irrationality of human beings and discovered that by tapping into their deepest desires, it is possible to manipulate unconscious minds in order to manage society. Freud believed that stimulating the unconscious was crucial to creating desire, and therefore is conducive to economic progress and mass democracy. Bernays argued that individual freedom was unattainable because it would be "too dangerous to allow human beings to truly express themselves". Through various methods of advertising, a distinctive 'majority' can be created in society, where a person belonging to this group is perceived to be normal, conventional and conformist. By using techniques to satisfy people's inner desires, the rise of widespread consumerism plays a part in the organized manipulation of the masses. However, through the unleashing of certain uncontrolled aggressive instincts, occasional irrationality emerged in groups, and this repudiation of the banalities of ordinary life is believed to be a key factor in the generation of subcultures.
The expansion of youth styles from subcultures into the fashion market is a real network or infrastructure of new kinds of commercial and economic institutions. The creation of new and startling styles will be inextricably linked to a process of production and publicity inevitably leading to the diffusion and spread of the subversive subculture trends. For example, both mod and punk innovations have become incorporated into high and mainstream fashion after the initial low-key emergence of such styles. The complexities of society perpetuate continuous change in style and taste, with different classes or groups prevailing during certain periods of time. To deal with the question of which is the most influential source of fashion, it is necessary to consider distribution of power. It is not the same for all classes to have access to the means by which ideas are disseminated in our society, principally the mass media. In history, the elites have had greater power to prescribe meaning and dictate what is to be defined as normality.
Trickling down to shape the views of the substantial passive parts of the population, designers from high places were able to set trends that diffused from the upper to lower spectrum of society. Subcultures, it was suggested, go against nature and are subject to abhorrence and disapproval by followers of mainstream trends. Regrettably, criminal gangs, homeless subcultures and reckless skateboarders, among other 'negative' portrayals of subcultures have been accused of dragging down the image of other 'positive' subcultures which demonstrate creativity and inspiration. There is an unstable relationship between socialising and de-socialising forces. Nevertheless, German philosopher Kant observed that actual social life should and always will consist of in some way its own opposite asocial life, which he described as "unsociable sociality".
Without doubt, fashion exhibits a dichotomy of conformity and differentiation, with contradictory groups aspiring to fit in and stand out from a crowd. Previously, the pace of change that fashion went through has spawned social emulation, a phenomenon whereby subordinate groups follow a process of imitation of the fashion tastes adopted by the upper echelons of society. Veblen, a Norwegian-American sociologist and economist, criticized in detail the rise of consumerism, especially the notion of conspicuous consumption, initiated by people of high status. Another influential sociologist Georg Simmel, classified two basic human instincts - the impetus to imitate one's neighbours, and conversely, the individualistic behaviour of distinguishing oneself.
Simmel indicated the tendency towards social equalization with the desire for individual differentiation and change. Indeed, to elucidate Simmel's theory of distinction versus imitation, the distinctiveness of subcultures in the early stages of a set fashion assures for its destruction as the fashion spreads. An idea or a custom has its optimal innovative intensity when it is constrained to a small clandestine group. After the original symbolic value of the idea has been exploited by commercialisation and accepted as a part of mass culture, the balance will have a tendency to tip towards imitation over distinction. An example of the imitation of a distinctive subculture is the evolution of blue jeans, which originating from humble American cowboys and gold-miners, demonstrate a bubble-up effect of a subculture. On a larger scale, it can be said that Western style dressing 'bubbled-up' from 19th Century Quaker's attire, rather than 'trickling down' from the styles of Court aristocracy.
Simmel describes fashion as a process by which the society consolidates itself by reintegrating what disrupts it. The existence of fashion requires that some members of society must be perceived as superior or inferior. From economist Harvey Leibenstein's perspective, fashion is a market constituted of 'snobs'. The phenomenon of 'snob-demand' depicts consumers as snobs who will stop buying a product when the price drops too much. The trickle down effect has been related to a 'band-wagon effect' where the turnovers of a product are particularly high as a result of imitation. Every economic choice is bound not only to the pure computational rationality of individuals, but is influenced by irrational factors, such social imitation, contrary to what Simmel calls the 'need for distinction'. However, a 'reverse bandwagon effect' acts as an opposing force when a snobbish consumer stops buying a product because too many others are buying it as well. The resultant force depends on the relative intensity of the two forces.
Subcultures have often endured a less than agreeable relationship with the mainstream as a result of exploitation and cultural appropriation. This often leads to the demise or evolution of a particular subculture once the originally novel ideas have been commercially popularised to an extent where the ideologies of the subculture have lost their fundamental connotations. The insatiable commercial hunger for new trends instigated the counterfeiting of subculture fashion, unjustifiably used on the sophisticated catwalks in fashion dictatorships of Paris, Milan and New York. It is not purely sartorial fashion but also music subcultures that are particularly vulnerable to the massification process. Certain types of music like jazz, punk, hip hop and rave were only listened to by minority groups at the initial stages of its history.
Events in history have had substantial impacts on the rise, development and evolution of subcultures. The First World War had an impact on men's hairstyles as lice and fleas were ubiquitous in wartime trenches. Those with shaved heads were presumed to have served at the Front while those with long hair were branded cowards, deserters, and pacifists. During the 1920s, standard social etiquettes were discarded by certain youth subcultures, as drink, drugs and jazz infiltrated America, intensified by the alcohol prohibition of the time. A crime subculture emerged as smugglers discovered profit opportunities with Mexican and Cuban drug plantations. The Great Depression of the late 20s in North America caused pervasive poverty and unemployment. Consequently, a significant number of adolescents discovered identity and expression through urban youth gangs, such as the 'dead end kids'.
Existentialists like Camus and Sartre also played a significant part in influencing the subcultures of the 1950s and 60s. Emphasis on freedom of the individual created a version of existential bohemianism resembling the beat generation. This subculture represented a version of bohemian hedonism; McClure declares that "non-conformity and spontaneous creativity were crucial". In literature, Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath" depicted the economic hardship of these times. Initially burned and banned to American citizens, condemned as communist propaganda, this book was given the Nobel Prize for literature in 1962. It only took a few decades for the previously socially unacceptable book to diffuse into mainstream culture.
The popularisation of folk and cowboy songs led to their unique underlying patterns being mixed with elements of jazz, blues and soul, creating a new subculture of western swing. Technological progress facilitated "instantaneous mass media creating large subcultures from the ideas of a range of smaller subcultures". Accordingly, a bubble-up effect can be seen where, through a process of innovation and diffusion, original ideas can spread into mass culture.
The process of integration has a potential to lead to the polarisation of warring subcultures, contributing to social disorganization. Shaw and Mckay assessed that although their data is not sufficient to determine "the extent to which membership in delinquent gangs produces delinquency", membership is probably a contributing factor. They use the term 'differential social organisation' to depict how subculture formation is a result of broader economic and demographic forces that undermine conventional local institutions of control.
The institution of the family is weakened by these forces, and as a result, alternatives to the traditional family have arisen as various subcultures. Ethan Watters elucidated this social trend in his book defining urban tribes as "groups of never-married's between the ages of 25 and 45 who gather in common-interest groups and enjoy an urban lifestyle". Analysis of the long term perspective of street trends reveal that youth trends bubble-up every five to ten years, and that individualism, anarchy and self-realization, are universal in these trends.
In the process of bubbling up, there are two important concepts to consider, that of 'diffusion' and 'defusion'. Fashion diffusion focuses on the individual and the crowd, particularly in this case the spreading of fashion in a systematic way from small scale to large scale institutions. It highlights the idea that fashion innovation and creativity drawn from subcultures are integrated into mass culture. In the process, non-conformist fashion may be subject to defusion, a diluting of the fundamental intrinsic meaning of the original subculture. The commercialisation of fashion is especially central to the danger of decontextualisation of trend origins. For example, the wearing of ripped jeans, an accepted form of attire nowadays, does not necessarily relate to the image of 'hippies' in modern times. The concept of identity and its modifications and transformations after a period of time should be carefully considered.
Analysis of street style is another fundamental aspect in determining the extent of a bubble-up effect in fashion. It is an idea that opposes the view that high fashion has given way to popular culture. Polhemus proposed that "styles which start life on the street corner have a way of ending up on the backs of top models on the world's most prestigious fashion catwalks". Prior to this new train of thought, the predominant view was that new looks began with couture and 'trickle down' to the mass market mainline fashion industry. Polhemus suggested that the evidence he found gave insight to a chain of events; initially genuine street innovation appears, followed by the featuring in mass media, such as magazines or television programmes, of street kids. In time, the ritzy version of the original idea makes an appearance, as a part of a top designer's collection.
Polhemus identified two basic street-styles involving dressing up or dressing down. Those from a relatively affluent sector of society, such as the Beatniks and Hippies developed a penchant for the latter, preferring to descend down the socio-economic ladder in the interest of authenticity. Nowadays, the variety of attire seen on streets and nightclubs show that culture is no longer only a prerogative of the upper class. Although, the creatively democratic society that we progress towards optimizes fashion innovation, cynics of the bubble-up effect, such as Johnny Stuart, condemned in his book on rockers, "the fancy fashionable versions of the Perfecto which you see all over the place, dilute the significance, taking away its original magic, castrating it".
Social crises of the 1950s and 1970s brought about new ideological constructions in response to the worsening economy, scarcity of jobs, loss of community, and the failure of consumerism to satisfy real needs. Racism became a solution to the problems of working-class life. Such periods of social turmoil resulted in fashion defusion, with many subcultures becoming increasingly detached from their foundation symbolisms. The connotations of the attire of the teddy boys during the 1970s bore little resemblance to the style of 1956. The original narcissistic upper-class style was somewhat irrevocably lost in a wave of 'second generation teds' that preferred fidelity to the classic 'bad-boy' stereotypes. The concept of specificity, subcultures responding to circumstances at distinctive moments in history, is depicted as vital to the study of subcultures.
Therefore the resultant mass-consumed item may draw distance from the emblem of the original subculture, attainable to all who can afford it. The loss of identity may prove to be a serious problem as subcultures may feel exploited, estranged and meaningless without a sense of belonging. Subcultures established a sense of community to certain individuals during a new post-war age that witnessed the deterioration of traditional social groupings. Polhemus claims that subcultures like Teddy Boys, Mods, Rockers, Skinheads, Rockabillies, Hipsters, Surfers, Hippies, Rastafarians, Headbangers, Goths, etc, as "social phenomenon style tribes cannot be dismissed as something transitory". Known as the Kogal phenomenon, a subculture emerged where groups of young girls between the ages of 15 and 18 appeared on the streets of Tokyo with long dyed-brown or bleached-blond hair, tanned skin, heavy makeup, brightly coloured miniskirts or short pants that flare out at the bottom, and high platform boots.
'Field' has become more appropriate in the analysis of fashion changes. People engaged in similar lifestyles with intrinsically similar cultural capital, i.e. nationality, profession, family and friends form group identities interacting with others in the same 'field'. This has been an important contributing factor to the birth of subcultures.The anachronistic belief that class was a determinant of fashion has reduced significantly, as confirmed by Bauman, who proposed the idea of 'liquid society', where fashion exists in a more flexible and malleable state.
A particular phenomenon of recent times, subject to both a trickle-down and a bubble-up effect of varying degrees, is the democratization and globalization of fashion. There has been an emergence of 'prĂȘt-a-porter' invented by John Claude Weill in 1949. This development has increased the speed and diffusion of fashion trends across the world, which amplified the culture of fast fashion, massification and global standardisation. Standardised factory-made prĂȘt-a-porter clothes, of which 'wearability' is crucial, sometimes descend from places of high fashion, for example inspired from couture. Designers such as Poiret, Dior and Lacroix produce a ready-to-wear line alongside their haute couture collection to take advantage of a wider market. Nevertheless, its mass-produced industrial nature detracts away from the exclusivity of traditional couture.
By 1930, couturiers like Schiaparelli, Delauney, and Patou began to design their own ready-to-wear boutiques, understanding the new emerging system of fashion whereby the moment that people stop copying you, it means that you are no longer any good. The democratization of couture disallowed it to sustain its elitist nature and therefore haute couture was beginning to accept that fashion was about emulation. Nevertheless, attire was not entirely uniform and equalised. Subtle nuances continued to mark social distinctions but mitigated the upper class penchant for conspicuous consumption.
Democratising fashion came hand in hand with a 'disunification' of feminine attire, which varied more in form and became less homogeneous. The fundamental attraction of making profit inspired innovation in styles and a perpetual search for lower costs through efficient industrial manufacturing. Institutions were evolving to an extent that the pretentious elitist sectors diminished in favour of universal mass production. The end of the Second World War brought about increased demand for fashion, encouraged by films and magazines of the time and the take off of global advertising campaigns, i.e. Levi's, Rodier, Benetton, Naf-Naf, etc, highlighting the need for high standards of living, well-being and hedonistic mass culture. It is the globalisation and rapidity of fashion movements, as Kawamura amply discussed, that underline the fact that "fast-changing tastes of consumers are matched only by the cleverness of the department store that identifies trendsetters among young consumers and feeds their knowledge into the production cycle".
It is impossible to conduct discourse in fashion without associating it with change, unpredictability and a high degree of uncertainty. It is very difficult to distinguish which goods will be adorned by the mass population and which trends will be instantaneously rejected. In general, industries need economic capital and political solidarity to function but these institutions are particularly difficult to uphold in the aesthetic industry. A paradox exists in that while on a superficial level everyone associates fashion with change, the underlying forces value stability. They argue that it is not possible to speak of one single fashion, but rather of different fashions existing at the same time. This is especially the case for an intrinsically fast-paced, competitive and fragmented industry. A bubble-up effect is inherent to a globalised fashion world, and the upward flow of fashion stemming from various subcultures contributes abundantly to this process.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Boost Your Fashion With Seafolly While Enjoying The Beach

Many people are interested in spending their vacation and holidays with their friends and relatives. Quality time spent with your loved ones at the mountains or at the seas definitely washes away the stress you have from work. Most people love going to the beach because of its exceptional atmosphere, its cozy water and warm weather. This gives people an awesome experience they will remember for the years to come.
Spending your vacation in a place that can help you relax like beside the sea where you can quietly read a book while listening to the sound of the waves. To make your vacation in the sea even better, you can use stylish swim suits that could feature your style and make you more confident and comfortable while basking under the sun. Seafolly can help you find the right swimwear. With their many collections, you can find the right one that would you, your body and your fashion sense.
To make things easier for you, here are some tips you can use while you are at the beach to make your style better.
Use a swimsuit that can enhance your figure. You don't have to have a perfect body to be able to sport the swimsuit that you want. It's all about choosing the right style and design that fits you perfectly and enhances your body frame. Some of these collections you can choose from are the Sophia Tangerine, the Lola Rose and the Safari. For a retro look, the Sophia collection is the perfect choice. While the Lola Rose collection gives ladies a more seductive look and the Safari collection gives a chic look.
To add more style, you can put on a hat to match your swimsuit. Hats complete your beach look. Plus, this can also serve as a protection from the scorching sunlight that can damage your skin and face. In case you don't have anything in mind that can match your attire, you can try the Lizzy Hat. With its cherry printed maillot, no one can resist your charm.
Wear the ideal footwear. Flip-flops are appropriate at the beach. However, for fashion lovers who wish to have the best style, they can try to sport strappy sandals. With its details and flair, it can definitely improve your style with this simple item.
Having magnificent attire at the beach helps you step up from the crowd without restricting yourself from your fashion style.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tech Fashion - Gadgets and Fashion Merge

Tech Fashion - The Fashion of Today
Like any other art, the long-term trends in fashion are often driven by advancements in technology. New materials merge with the old and new needs drive innovation while fashion slowly evolves. Which of today's trends are driving the wearable's of tomorrow? That is a tricky question to answer but what we know for sure is that technology is driving the fashion forward.
The grim reality for fashion retailers in the past couple of years is that technology embedded in gadgets like smartphones and tablets has captured the imagination of consumers around the globe, knocking fashion off its pedestal as the principal way in which people express their identities.
Actually, technology has become fashion or "Tech Fashion", in the sense that vast numbers of people now express themselves through the gadgets they tote more than the clothes they wear. This is reflected in the relatively sluggish sales growth for clothing compared with digital products.
Tech Fashion is obviously everywhere you go, just Walk into a business meeting and you no longer pay much attention to the suits - instead, you're noticing how many of the participants are taking notes on their iPads.
While smartphones, tablets and laptops take big part in this, Google caused a big splash with its bold Project Glass, which envisions a computing form that you control with your eyes. While the prototype looks more like something you'd see on Star Trek than on the catwalks of Paris, it is a significant step up and experts are expecting more new gadgets to come out every year making this trend of "tech fashion" grow like never seen before.
Where is Tech Fashion Heading?
While retailers continue making awesome products, there are plenty of opportunities to change different aspects of the product design to make it unique and stand out from the crowd. Gadgets are being integrated into clothes which is becoming more popular but one of the biggest trends today is giving new looks to your gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and your laptop...
Some customizations are done by using "skins" which can cover the entire body of your favorite gadget or particular areas of your choice. This gives you opportunity to have a creative and unique look for all your expensive gadgets, to stand out from the crowd and be recognized.
These "skins" are manufactured out of an extremely thin and durable vinyl, boasting fantastic style and protection form every day wear and tear, while keeping the original sleek styling of the device. The best thing is, you get a personal feel to your gadget while still being able to use all other docks, charges and accessories.

Spanish Fashion Trends of 2012

Spanish clothes are comfortable. Casual clothes like jeans are preferred over anything. Spanish designers get creative with the denim trend and make fitting, sexy and trendy clothes. Innovation with colors and patterns is visible every year. Spanish Fashion scene in 2012 comes with elegant collections with different styles showcasing glamorous yet practical clothes.
Colorful runways can be observed in the Spanish fashion scene this spring. The color at times exceeds Lady Gaga concerts. One-piece suits, wrap dresses and skirts are featured in solid colors. The Color blocking trend brings glamor to even the simplest dresses. Three colors make a trendy dress without making it girly and rainbow bright. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Jason Wu and Edun have presented Anoraks. They can fit to give a sporty spring feeling and make you look chic. Women seem to be in love with these.
Super bold prints are all over spring 2012 runways. They are vibrant, lively and swirling patterns printed from top to bottom of the dress. These patterns range from floral images to geometric shapes; one can also find parrot prints in these patterns. An example is a fruit punch blazer that can complement a very simple top with pants.
Tangerines and oranges are most popular colors of 2012. They can be called spring 2012's numero uno shade. Tangerine tango can be found all over and if by any chance, one doesn't like this for a citrus color, there are many other orange hues as an alternative. Single color dresses in citrus shades are trending.
If you are bored with classic old plaids, polka and stripes, Pixelated graphic prints, perfected in Photoshop are an option for you this spring. A fashion statement can be made by wearing something futuristic like this along with an evergreen T-shirt.
Spring 2012 comes with options for all; if above-mentioned hues are not up to your liking, you can choose from an array of pastel shades. Use sorbet and pastel shades and hues this spring to have a lady-like feel. Trousers, wrap skirts and heel loafers, presented by designers this spring have bronze and emerald-green covering, giving them a shiny metallic look. If you are the one who would always like to be on the spotlight on a dance floor, then you should try them.
Spanish style is categorized by youth, liveliness and chicness. Spanish fashion is for the women who wish to wear decent clothes, bringing them style and attraction. These clothes go well with Jewelry as well.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Democrats and Republicans With a Fashion Style

Politics is usually something that Americans are willing to embrace with their heart because it represents a cause resulting in some type of change.
Democrats and republicans usually have a hard time agreeing on certain things. However, both parties do agree on one thing and that is to act in the present to promote something different leading up to the future. This is why you see individuals' stand around who they believe should represent their country going forward and lead their dreams into the right direction.
Barrack Obama was the 44th president elected in the white house and he represented the democrats. When Obama was receiving vote's people all over the world would wear fashion attire that expressed how much they believed in him. Individuals would wear things like "Change 2009" and even Democrat Donkey Cufflinks and guess what? Obama won the election with flying colors.
Now for the year 2012 we have new candidates running in the presidential election. However, one will only come out success in the very end. We are starting to see candidates winning individuals hearts state to state from what they express in their views from healthcare, retirement plans, and college education and even down to marriage status.
If you have an idea on who you want to vote for within this year's election why not express it to the fullest from your shoes all the way to your ears.
Just image when was the last time you went to a presidential election and saw nobody wearing any type of attire that represented their views on the candidates? That is right NEVER!
The reason why these political fashion statements occur consistently is because people have a strong sense of respect in the candidates that they believe in. Why not promote something that is going to help change the future going forward? Your great grandparents promoted change for you to live within better conditions then what they had to live in, so why not do the same for the generation going forward?
Just like Barrack Obama always promotes "Change", we can only change what we are willing to believe needs to be altered for the better of American going into the future. It is up to us to get together as a whole and promote of what we believe in is the better option going forward. Just remember before you make any decisions to think if that decision that you are making is going to promote you and your family going into the future.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Fashion Guide: Basic Rules to Follow For Plus Sized Women

Who says that one has to be a size zero to look incredible? When looking at the pages of most fashion magazines, one may come away with the impression that beauty comes in only one size: tiny. However, that assumption is false. Women of all shapes and sizes can look fabulous and sexy by dressing to focus on their good attributes.
Plus-sized women often are not taught any guidelines about looking their best. Common fashion advice is geared toward the small to average sized body type. However, by sticking to several guidelines, the plus-sized woman can look and feel confident, sexy and gorgeous.
Accentuate the Positive
A fashion stylist will often say that plus-sized women need to know how to emphasize their best attributes and downplay their figure faults. A plus-sized woman should learn to look in the mirror and not beat herself up over her size. Every woman, whether she is a size four or size 14, will have figure faults, so plus-sized women should learn to change their mindsets regarding attractiveness. Women do not have to be perfectly proportioned to look lovely.
Plus-sized women do have some advantages over super slim ladies. Many times, these women have feminine, sexy curves that some other women can only achieve by using padded undergarments. If a woman has generous cleavage, a slender waist or sexy legs, she should accentuate those body parts, even if the rest of her body is not the ideal.
Get the Perfect Fit
Fashion consultants agree that buying a well-fitted garment is crucial, whatever the size. Sometimes plus-sized women think that buying a garment in larger size will camouflage their figure faults, but this is incorrect. Hiding the body underneath volumes of fabric only makes a woman look heavier. Conversely, the fact that a woman can squeeze herself into an item does not mean that the garment is flattering. Women look their best when they wear the proper size clothing for their bodies.
Good Fashion Choices for Plus-Sized Women
Plus-sized women look best in clothing with simple, tailored lines. A skirt that hits above the knee is the best length, since showing a little leg will elongate the silhouette that the body creates. Plus-sized women will also want to avoid garments printed in large patterns in favour of smaller scale prints.
Some fashion consultants recommend that plus-sized women should avoid bright colours, but this is not always the case. Plus-sized women can still look great in bolder colours if they are careful with them. For instance, a crisp, tailored suit will look great in a bright colour, even on a plus-sized woman. Bolder colours can also be used as accents in jewellery, purses and scarves.
Have Well-fitting Undergarments
Often a fashion stylist will recommend spending more money on undergarments than on a whole outfit because she knows that good undergarments change a woman's whole appearance. A bra that fits correctly can make a woman look slimmer and help clothing fit correctly. According to fashion consultants, the majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra, so having a professional bra fitting is crucial. Undergarments like body shapers can make a big difference in a woman's appearance, smoothing out the body's contours to improve the way her clothing hangs.
Nothing is More Attractive Than Confidence
Whatever size a woman is, she should put a huge smile on her face and make eye contact with those around her. When a woman projects an image of self-confidence, no one will notice whether she is a size zero or a size 16. When women use good fashion sense and take the time to look their best, people will focus on who she is rather than how she looks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can the Right Fashion Shoes Really Give You Confidence?

There are days when I find myself needing a little bit of a lift; or just to feel a bit better about myself and who I am. There are many things in this world that can give you that pick-me-up but there's nothing quite like a good pair of sexy high heel shoes or a fun pair of pumps shoes.
The right pair of fashion shoes can instil an air of confidence and give you a sense of determination that you never had before. People around you will also gain the benefit of your confidence. They will be attracted to it like a moth to a flame. There is just a certain something that makes people want to be around a person who exudes style and confidence. That person is considered a role model to others.
Every woman has a certain routine for getting ready for a night out. For example, think about the last time you went out. What did you wear? Was it a sexy outfit? Of course, it was. Now think back to the getting ready part of your night out. You chose your outfit, put it on, went to the mirror and looked at yourself. You felt good, right. You chose the matching ladies shoes. Not just any shoes. You opted for the matching sexy and elegant high heel shoes. Then you slipped on those sexy high heel shoes in your wardrobe. Instantly, you were taller, your calves were more curved and you felt more confident. From bare feet to high heel shoes, there's no better feeling than that.
The right pair of high heel shoes will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin because your body will respond to it. Your calves look better, your thighs more toned and your posture automatically improves. The sexy high heels elevate you and gently push your spine into a natural curved position that edges your shoulders back slightly. This is my recipe for confidence.
Finding the right pair of high heel shoes that are functional in terms of their aesthetic appearance and comfort, will make you feel sexier and confident. Compare how you feel when you wear a pair of drab shoes versus the day you wear a sophisticated pair of high heel shoes. When you wear the right pair of fashion shoes, you will automatically feel good about yourself and confident.
I dare you to try this for yourself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colored Contacts As A Fashion Statement

Colored contacts are an ever more frequent sight, and their usage ranges from a simple color change to bold and vibrant patterns. With so many hundreds of designs to choose from, it's not hard to identify just why these lenses are becoming so common, but I am going to write about just one of their many applications, their use as a fashion statement.
Many choose colored contacts with normal or rare eye colors in order to subtly change their look, but for some this just isn't enough. There are also those who wear contacts to imitate characters in films and anime, who may have supernaturally colored eyes, but this is just too unoriginal for those same people. It is easy to understand why. In these times it is becoming the norm to wear loud and provocative clothing. In order to stand out from such a crowd, you need a bit more than just unusual clothing. This is were crazy colored contacts step in.
There are a ridiculous amount of designs out there in so many colors that you'll be amazed. Plus, it's not just those with good eyesight who can enjoy this freedom of choice. There are plenty of prescription lenses available too. With these you can truly differentiate yourself and make a real statement, about who you are and your attitude towards life. They can have just the same effect as dying your hair, or wearing different types of clothing.
Of course it's not just the wild designs that can aid in making such a statement. It may be that you wish for yours to be a subtle and understated statement, or that you just want to state your love f or a film character, as I wrote above. It really doesn't matter. The important thing to realize is that colored contacts are an excellent means to this end.
The definition of a statement is 'A definite or clear expression of something', normally expressed through speech and writing, but in this case it clear to see why you can do the same with just colored contact lenses. You can choose a truly personal design and make it your own, by incorporating it within your look, thereby clearly expressing yourself to the world. You can then face the world securely in the knowledge that no one will question that you know exactly who you are and who you want to be.