Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Fashion Guide: Basic Rules to Follow For Plus Sized Women

Who says that one has to be a size zero to look incredible? When looking at the pages of most fashion magazines, one may come away with the impression that beauty comes in only one size: tiny. However, that assumption is false. Women of all shapes and sizes can look fabulous and sexy by dressing to focus on their good attributes.
Plus-sized women often are not taught any guidelines about looking their best. Common fashion advice is geared toward the small to average sized body type. However, by sticking to several guidelines, the plus-sized woman can look and feel confident, sexy and gorgeous.
Accentuate the Positive
A fashion stylist will often say that plus-sized women need to know how to emphasize their best attributes and downplay their figure faults. A plus-sized woman should learn to look in the mirror and not beat herself up over her size. Every woman, whether she is a size four or size 14, will have figure faults, so plus-sized women should learn to change their mindsets regarding attractiveness. Women do not have to be perfectly proportioned to look lovely.
Plus-sized women do have some advantages over super slim ladies. Many times, these women have feminine, sexy curves that some other women can only achieve by using padded undergarments. If a woman has generous cleavage, a slender waist or sexy legs, she should accentuate those body parts, even if the rest of her body is not the ideal.
Get the Perfect Fit
Fashion consultants agree that buying a well-fitted garment is crucial, whatever the size. Sometimes plus-sized women think that buying a garment in larger size will camouflage their figure faults, but this is incorrect. Hiding the body underneath volumes of fabric only makes a woman look heavier. Conversely, the fact that a woman can squeeze herself into an item does not mean that the garment is flattering. Women look their best when they wear the proper size clothing for their bodies.
Good Fashion Choices for Plus-Sized Women
Plus-sized women look best in clothing with simple, tailored lines. A skirt that hits above the knee is the best length, since showing a little leg will elongate the silhouette that the body creates. Plus-sized women will also want to avoid garments printed in large patterns in favour of smaller scale prints.
Some fashion consultants recommend that plus-sized women should avoid bright colours, but this is not always the case. Plus-sized women can still look great in bolder colours if they are careful with them. For instance, a crisp, tailored suit will look great in a bright colour, even on a plus-sized woman. Bolder colours can also be used as accents in jewellery, purses and scarves.
Have Well-fitting Undergarments
Often a fashion stylist will recommend spending more money on undergarments than on a whole outfit because she knows that good undergarments change a woman's whole appearance. A bra that fits correctly can make a woman look slimmer and help clothing fit correctly. According to fashion consultants, the majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra, so having a professional bra fitting is crucial. Undergarments like body shapers can make a big difference in a woman's appearance, smoothing out the body's contours to improve the way her clothing hangs.
Nothing is More Attractive Than Confidence
Whatever size a woman is, she should put a huge smile on her face and make eye contact with those around her. When a woman projects an image of self-confidence, no one will notice whether she is a size zero or a size 16. When women use good fashion sense and take the time to look their best, people will focus on who she is rather than how she looks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can the Right Fashion Shoes Really Give You Confidence?

There are days when I find myself needing a little bit of a lift; or just to feel a bit better about myself and who I am. There are many things in this world that can give you that pick-me-up but there's nothing quite like a good pair of sexy high heel shoes or a fun pair of pumps shoes.
The right pair of fashion shoes can instil an air of confidence and give you a sense of determination that you never had before. People around you will also gain the benefit of your confidence. They will be attracted to it like a moth to a flame. There is just a certain something that makes people want to be around a person who exudes style and confidence. That person is considered a role model to others.
Every woman has a certain routine for getting ready for a night out. For example, think about the last time you went out. What did you wear? Was it a sexy outfit? Of course, it was. Now think back to the getting ready part of your night out. You chose your outfit, put it on, went to the mirror and looked at yourself. You felt good, right. You chose the matching ladies shoes. Not just any shoes. You opted for the matching sexy and elegant high heel shoes. Then you slipped on those sexy high heel shoes in your wardrobe. Instantly, you were taller, your calves were more curved and you felt more confident. From bare feet to high heel shoes, there's no better feeling than that.
The right pair of high heel shoes will make you feel more comfortable in your own skin because your body will respond to it. Your calves look better, your thighs more toned and your posture automatically improves. The sexy high heels elevate you and gently push your spine into a natural curved position that edges your shoulders back slightly. This is my recipe for confidence.
Finding the right pair of high heel shoes that are functional in terms of their aesthetic appearance and comfort, will make you feel sexier and confident. Compare how you feel when you wear a pair of drab shoes versus the day you wear a sophisticated pair of high heel shoes. When you wear the right pair of fashion shoes, you will automatically feel good about yourself and confident.
I dare you to try this for yourself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Colored Contacts As A Fashion Statement

Colored contacts are an ever more frequent sight, and their usage ranges from a simple color change to bold and vibrant patterns. With so many hundreds of designs to choose from, it's not hard to identify just why these lenses are becoming so common, but I am going to write about just one of their many applications, their use as a fashion statement.
Many choose colored contacts with normal or rare eye colors in order to subtly change their look, but for some this just isn't enough. There are also those who wear contacts to imitate characters in films and anime, who may have supernaturally colored eyes, but this is just too unoriginal for those same people. It is easy to understand why. In these times it is becoming the norm to wear loud and provocative clothing. In order to stand out from such a crowd, you need a bit more than just unusual clothing. This is were crazy colored contacts step in.
There are a ridiculous amount of designs out there in so many colors that you'll be amazed. Plus, it's not just those with good eyesight who can enjoy this freedom of choice. There are plenty of prescription lenses available too. With these you can truly differentiate yourself and make a real statement, about who you are and your attitude towards life. They can have just the same effect as dying your hair, or wearing different types of clothing.
Of course it's not just the wild designs that can aid in making such a statement. It may be that you wish for yours to be a subtle and understated statement, or that you just want to state your love f or a film character, as I wrote above. It really doesn't matter. The important thing to realize is that colored contacts are an excellent means to this end.
The definition of a statement is 'A definite or clear expression of something', normally expressed through speech and writing, but in this case it clear to see why you can do the same with just colored contact lenses. You can choose a truly personal design and make it your own, by incorporating it within your look, thereby clearly expressing yourself to the world. You can then face the world securely in the knowledge that no one will question that you know exactly who you are and who you want to be.