Saturday, November 10, 2012

Careers in Fashion Merchandising

Looking for careers in fashion merchandising can be hard as you often don't know the skills and personal knowledge that's required so we'll try and clear these up for you. Fashion merchandisers combine the skills of advertising, retail knowledge, marketing and the creativity of a fashion designer. If you want a career in fashion merchandising you must have good self confidence, good judgment and good resourcefulness. Having a good knowledge of the target fashion markets is also very important so experience and a genuine interest in the fashion market is a must. Being a good communicator and self motivation are also important points in looking for.
Searching for careers in fashion merchandising can be quite a hard job as this is a very competitive industry where only the top survive. To your advantage though this is a rapidly growing market which is looking for advertising, marketing, and sales managers. This is because of the global and domestic demand in the fashion markets are growing at a very fast rate.
Qualifying in fashion merchandising means you can go for a career in any of the following roles: Product Developer, Importing / Exporting Agent, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Merchandiser, Retailer, Fashion Event Planner, Store Manager or Fashion Advertising Agent. These can all very highly paid jobs and means you could be working with some of the top brands and names in the world. This can be a very exciting career full of many ups and downs.
If your first looking to study then look for careers in fashion merchandising you have many ways of getting your qualification. A popular way today is a distance learning program which is supported by many universities and colleges. You study and sit exams on line until you need to go and sit your main exams to pass. This can be great for people with job or family responsibilities.
For people just starting their career, many companies offer training programs while smaller firms offer a wide variety of entry-level positions. These positions include buyer's assistant, department manager assistant and marketing assistant. Responsibilities increase with hard work and an interest in the job. For those people who demonstrate the necessary talents, upward mobility is relatively easy.

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